The Claims Filing Deadline in this Settlement Program was May 6, 2014.
We are no longer accepting any claims.

Vioxx Consumers
Could Get Up to $50 or More From a Settlement
You can get $50 or more if you purchased Vioxx before October 1, 2004 for yourself or a family member.
  • If you don’t have records, you can get up to $50.
  • If you have records, you can be reimbursed for all that you spent out-of-pocket for Vioxx.
  • You may also be paid up to $75 for visiting with a doctor to discuss alternatives to Vioxx.
You can file a claim online or print and mail in a claim form.
You may also request that the Claims Administrator send you a copy of the paper Claim Form:
If you still have questions about qualifying for a payment, you can use the Program's "Do I Qualify" utility to see if you may be eligible:

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